Sport Psychology Workshops

Workshops are a great way to introduce psychological concepts (such as emotional control, understanding motivation, developing resilience) to groups, teams and organisations involved in sport. The workshops are designed to be interactive and engaging via discussions, practical exercises and visual aids. The focus, content and length of each workshop will vary depending upon the focus of the workshop and the audience.

Workshops are great for:

  • Athletes  —  Educating athletes on psychological concepts that influence athletic performance and using psychological skills to enhance performance in training and competition. Athletes will also be educated and supported in maintaining their mental health and well-being (performance lifestyle support), whilst also optimising performance.
  • Young Athletes  —  Introducing young athletes to psychological skills and concepts such as developing a healthy motivation, dealing with wins and losses, and dealing with pre-competition nerves.
  • Coaches  —  Presenting psychological skills and concepts that coaches and support staff can integrate into training with their individual athletes and/or teams, such as team cohesion, team values, communication, simulating competitive pressures in training, and developing confidence.
  • Parents  —  Providing ways that parents and family members can support their children with their training and competition(s). Parents will also learn ways to best support themselves.

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Performance Lifestyle Workshops

Workshops focusing on performance lifestyle support are available for individuals, groups, teams, and organisations. These can be delivered with either a sporting focus or a business focus depending upon the audience.

Workshops can focus on one or a combination of:

  • Improving Sleep Quality
  • Anti-Doping Education
  • Mental Health and Well-Being
  • Managing Transitions
  • Achieving Balance as Student-Athletes
  • Education and Planning for Career Development

If you would like further information on performance lifestyle support from the English Institute of Sport (EIS), please click here.

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